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The older an organism's remains are, the less beta radiation it emits because its C-14 is steadily dwindling at a predictable rate.

So, if we measure the rate of beta decay in an organic sample, we can calculate how old the sample is. Question: Kieth and Anderson radiocarbon-dated the shell of a living freshwater mussel and obtained an age of over two thousand years.

Living organisms are constantly incorporating this C-14 into their bodies along with other carbon isotopes.

When the organisms die, they stop incorporating new C-14, and the old C-14 starts to decay back into N-14 by emitting beta particles.

This belief necessitates a reinterpretation of a vast amount of data into a highly compressed timeframe.

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In their view, data concerning the origins of the natural world (anything that happened prior to Noah’s flood 5,000 years ago) is only discoverable insofar as the scientist has access to a particular interpretation of special revelation (namely, young-earth creationism) and then uses that lens to interpret his data.

Young-earth creationists generally affirm the reliability of carbon-14 methods for biblical artifacts dating back to the time of Noah’s flood.

At that point, however, they suggest the physical world dramatically changed, thereby rendering the results of carbon-14 and related radiometric methods as unreliable.

However, they were able to date many personal objects found with the object in the same archaeological layer of the Willendorf deposit.

Creation scientists cannot accept these dates as accurate since they believe that the world was created sometime between 40 BCE.

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The dilemma facing us was to find succinct reference information that would not only cover the broad spectrum of ceramic forms but also target what we were actually finding in California’s archaeological sites.

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